GLPI module to Dolibarr

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The Module of: "Online Approvals Management for Dolibarr" allows you to:

1- Choose who decides

Each request has their approvers ...


  • Editeur: NextConcept
  • Version du module: 8.2
  • Dolibarr compatibility :
Description & Fonctionnalités
Have the module "GLPI TO DOLIBARR" you can ensure the interfacing GLPI with Dolibarr and work in a simple way on your ERP Dolibarr one important elements of GLPI. you can:
1- connect from Dolibarr to your GLPI platform a secure API;
2- import the contacts GLPI, and convert them to contacts Dolibarr;
3- Import your Projects and tasks and all the information related to the projects: Object, Dates, cost, customer, tasks ..
4- Import your GLPI users and groups;
5- Import your suppliers and products and all the information related to the previous elements.

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