Improvements to Asset Management Suite module - Update 3


Improvements to Asset Management Suite module:

Development time: 5.5 days

Price total: 962.5 Euro


    • Remove Tech group from new assignment :We have I think made this redundant with the new user groups
    • Hide any of the parts not assigned to that user groups.
    • Add link url to asset. the same as in products
    • Countdown timer, in days, next to the history box. Countdown to next due date
    • Changes to Certificate : Add Details from company setup. Town, Postcode, Email, Téléphone Make font smaller or move cert down if required
    • Other Changes to Certificate : 
    • Change Task ref & Add New Line Description
    • Remove ‘Asset Replacement Value’ : We haven’t used it, and probably only encourage theft.
    • Changes to ‘Assignment of Tasks’ and merge with ’Task Management'
    • Remove ’Technician Part”  (Menu): I haven’t used it in the passed, and it has only self populated itself twice and I am not sure how.
    • Asset Management ’New Task’ Add two new boxes. These will replace the ’New assignment’ area and will condense our workload :

New Box ‘Assign To’
New Box ‘Asset Type’  (This points to ’New Asset-Asset Type’ (Drop down box, multiple choice)
New Box ‘Asset Number’ 

    • Task Management : Add ‘Upload Documents’ to Tasks. (Same as we have for assets) :
    • Add Upload documents to Interventions. As above, the same as we have for Assets.
    • User Groups : Change so they can be  assigned to multiple locations.
    • Assets to be default sorted in descending alpha numeric order, within their own sub asset.
    • Add photo to list of assets
    • Tasks, to default sort in alphanumeric order