Prospecting follow-up Kanban


The Prospecting Tracking Kanban module is a visual management tool designed to help track and organize sales prospecting activities. It lets you view leads and opportunities at different stages of the sales process, assign tasks to team members, and track progress. With its intuitive interface, teams can identify priorities, optimize their workflow and better manage their sales pipeline to achieve their business goals.


Below are the main features of Module: "Prospecting tracking Kanban":

1- The filter: The filter functionality of the Kanban prospecting module allows users to sort and display relevant information according to specific criteria. By applying filters such as status, contact date, lead, or lead source, teams can easily identify priority opportunities and tailor their sales approach accordingly. This feature helps improve the efficiency of the prospecting process by providing a personalized and targeted view of critical data for decision making.

2- Comments: The comments feature of the prospecting Kanban module facilitates communication and collaboration within the team. It allows members to exchange information, updates, and ideas directly on lead cards, ensuring clear and consistent tracking of interactions with every lead. This feature improves the efficiency and transparency of the prospecting process by centralizing communications and keeping everyone informed.

3- Managing tags and categories: The tags and categories functionality of the prospecting Kanban module makes it possible to classify and organize prospects according to customizable criteria. Tags offer a quick way to identify common characteristics or priorities, while categories structure prospects into larger groups. These features improve opportunity visibility and management by making it easier to find and track relevant leads for every team member.


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Prospecting follow-up Kanban