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Would you like to see your project evolve in an efficient and structured way?

The "Gantt Professional Advanced" Module allows you to manage all your projects in one place, without the need to use Gantt Project. We believe that you can effectively manage your projects with the right tools in place, and the Gantt Professional Advanced Module is one of them.

To successfully complete a project, you need to control a large number of activities and ensure that they are completed on time. With the "Gantt Professional Advanced" Module, all tasks should be displayed on the left, with your schedule on the right.


The "Gantt Professional Advanced" Module offers many features to help you plan and manage your projects efficiently:

Planning the duration of each activity with bars to visualize the overlaps between different tasks.

Manage budget, contacts, progress, private notes, and expected workload for each task or project.

Manage task relationship types for more accurate scheduling and coordination.

Assigning favorite colors to your tasks and projects for quick, personalized viewing.

Advanced filter by user, project, client and category for easier navigation.

Filter by period by day, week, month or year for more precise management of deadlines.

Full project timeline with start and end dates for each task.

Managing dependencies and overlapping tasks to avoid delays and ensure efficient project progress.

Gantt chart in PDF A4 or A3 format for a clear and precise visualization of the evolution of the project.

Progress and color of each task for efficient tracking of tasks to be done, in progress and completed.

Management of delays and sub-tasks for precise monitoring of the different stages of the project.

Added cloning, tags and comments for more detailed and personalized project management.

Added tooltips to all Gantt elements for easy and quick access to all information on tasks, projects, dates and comments.

Advanced interface for quick editing of tasks and projects via an intuitive pop-up window.

Assignment of a primary user or associated contacts to all tasks of that primary user for effective human resource management.

Smooth movement of sub-task assignment using the mouse via dedicated arrows for faster and more intuitive management.

Sort AZ projects or view "all" projects in the Module filter for easier navigation.

Added important dates like "Projected Billing Date" and "Milestone Date" for more accurate planning and tracking of project milestones.

With all these features, Dolibarr's "Gantt Professional Advanced" Module is an essential tool to manage your projects in an efficient and structured way. It allows you to follow all the stages of your project in real time, identify any delays and obstacles, and take immediate action to resolve them.

In summary, if you want to manage your projects in a professional and productive way, the "Gantt Professional Advanced" Module is an obvious choice. With its advanced features, it will allow you to save time and increase efficiency in managing your projects, while improving communication and collaboration between your team members. Do not hesitate to try it now and discover all the possibilities it offers for the management of your projects.




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Advanced Professional Gantt Dolibarr