Trello Tasks Plus Dolibarr


Dolibarr Trello is a project management tool based on a visual and intuitive Kanban board type interface.

It allows teams to collaborate effectively and monitor the progress of their projects in a simple and efficient way.


The Dolibarr Trello Module allows you to create cards in the form of a task or activity to be carried out, and to easily move them between the different columns of the table, which represent the different stages of the process during all the months of the year. It is also possible to add members (contacts) to each card, assign them to tasks and comment on them.


The Mdoule Trello offers great flexibility to adapt its operation to the needs of each team, whether for project management, event planning, individual task management, etc.

Trello Module features include:

Visual Kanban board: a board with columns to represent the different stages of the process.

Cards: individual items that represent the tasks to be performed and which can be moved between the columns of the table.

Adding members: each card can have several members (contacts within Dolibarr) assigned who can collaborate on the task.

Assignment of tasks: each card can be assigned to a main team member for better task management.

Comments: Team members can add comments to each card to communicate more effectively.

Status date (gray, green, red milestone date):

Expiration Dates: Each card can have an expiration date to track deadlines.

Checklist: Checklists can be added to each card to track task progress.

Template Creation: Trello template creation is an advanced feature that allows you to save a board, cards, and list setup as a template for later reuse.

Label: Dolibarr Trello Module Labels are a feature to quickly label and classify cards on a board. They are represented by small colored squares that can be used to identify different task categories or priorities.




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Trello Tasks Plus Dolibarr