HRM-PRO: Advanced Solution for Human Resource Management System


HRM-PRO: Advanced Solution for Human Resource Management System, Complete Human Resource Management Module in Dolibarr ERP, Contains 10+ Sub-Modules.


- Manage employees hired within the company via our HRM-PRO system instead of the classic Dolibarr interface;

- Manage the presence and absences of your employees;

- Manage production incentives;

- Follow the rewards of your employees;

- Manage the misconduct of your employees;

- Follow the investigations and terminations of your human resources via our HRM-PRO system;

- Manage leave requests, delays, absences and exits for each person within your company;

- Manage requests for salary advances for each employee;

- Track complaints and resignations of your human resources through our system;

- Edit and generate the payslips of your employees (after having introduced the salary rules of your country);

- Generate your company's payroll situation, based on all your employees' pay slips;

- In addition to all this, our advanced HRM-PRO solution for the human resources management system contains the following options: Module settings, advanced filters on all the features present on the module, Excel and pdf exports to generate reports or situations ready for printing.

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