“Property Management” module for Dolibarr


“Property Management” module for Dolibarr

The “ Property Management” module is a complete solution integrated into Dolibarr which facilitates the management of material assets, including real estate, vehicles, land, etc. This module offers advanced features to record, track and manage all the important details associated with each asset.

Key Features:

1- Declaration of Assets: You can record the essential information of each asset, including the name, the type of asset (for example, real estate, vehicle, land), the associated customer, the amount of the asset, the dates of pawning and end of pledge, as well as additional details.

2- Property Management: This module allows you to effectively manage all your assets. You can display the reference of the asset, its description, the customer with whom it is associated, the third party's sales representatives linked to it, the type of asset, the pledge and end dates of the pledge, the amount of the asset, the amount remaining due. and the current condition of the property.

3- Predefined Asset Types: The module offers predefined asset types, such as "Vehicle", "Land" and "Real Estate", to simplify the classification of your assets.

4- Reports and Reporting: The module offers two essential reports: "Statement of Customer Receivables by Goods" to track the amounts owed by customer in relation to the goods, and "Statement of Pledged Goods" to view the goods currently pledged.

Dolibarr's "Property Management" module facilitates the management of material assets by offering a centralized and efficient solution for recording, tracking and managing all aspects related to your assets. This solution improves the transparency and efficiency of Property Management within your business, allowing you to make informed decisions and ensure optimal management of your assets.