DoliReminder - Dolibarr Reminder


Are you looking for a versatile yet simple reminder, to-do list and calendar app and for all Dolibarr modules? Do you want to make your daily life easier and better organized? Then DoliReminder is for you! Now you no longer need separate apps for your Reminders, Alarms, Tasks, TODOs and Calendars, as all these features are neatly bundled into a single Module with a beautiful and truly intuitive UI, which can be further customized to Make it work for you.

DoliReminder issues alerts in the form of notifications in the Dolibarr ERP and by sending e-mails.


DoliReminder is an effective module that allows you to remind employees that they must perform certain tasks.

It gives an alert via notification or email. 

This module is linked to most of Dolibarr modules :

- Member

- Thirdparty

- Contact

- Product

- Delivery

- Reception

- Project

- Propal

- Order

- Supplier Order

- Invoice

- Supplier Invoice

- Payment

- Payment Supplier

- Expensereport