Employee Documents

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Cada detalle asociado con un empleado es útil para cualquier organización para una mejor gestión de los recursos humanos. Por lo tanto, los documentos del empleado que contienen esta información necesaria deben guardarse y utilizarse en consecuencia.

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Description & Fonctionnalités
Every detail associated with an employee is helpful to any organization for better human resource management. Thus, the employee's documents containing this necessary information must be saved and used accordingly
"Employee Documents" is a useful tool that can help you store and manage employee-related documents such as certificates, appraisals, passports, licenses, and more. The app also allows you to set an alert message when you expire / to any other related date.
Types of documents.
Expiration date of the documents.
Validation for expiration date.
Employee document management.
Mail Notification Based on Expiration Date

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Employee Documents