Module de gestion des véhicules d'une entreprise
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Vehicle Management Module Of A Company

One of the advantages of implementing an ERP system is that it boosts your organization's efficiency while decreasing time and labor costs through automation and integration. An ERP system may help you satisfy the demands of your company partners and external stakeholders, as well as keep your staff happy and productive by removing mundane, repetitive chores from their daily routines. This article discusses majorly on the vehicle management module. 

The vehicle management module of a company is mainly a module from which the company can easily manage the contracts of the employee. As when a company has this module, it becomes helpful for the company in many ways like managing the contract such as it has allowed managing the type of contract in that module. There have been many other things which like the hiring date, or the contract that is uploaded can be of any type such as the doc, pdf, XLS; and other things like the data signature of the contract by the employee and the direction, also the date of the medical examination at the beginning of the hiring, and yes the end of the contract too. 

Not only that much it comes with as there are more many things that it helps the company with. As the module allows the company to manage the vehicle also of a company to know things like the added vehicle, also have the insurance management, risk management, gray card management, fire extinguisher control, permit traffic management, weight tax, management technical visit, vignette management, traffic sheet, notification management and also the deadline, and the last but not the last one is the module preamble. This module helps a lot the company to manage and record the following data which is mentioned above and the features it comes with are amazing. This amazing Vehicle management module of a company is only available at the price of ninety euro in which the tax is included.

This module Vehicle management module of a company is from the editor the next concept. This module comes with the available version module is 9.0. the other thing about the module is the compatibility is the Dolibarr and the license that is issued is the GNU general public license 3.0+. This module comes with a language which is french and English. It comes with the benefit for the company when one order this module such as it offers the free installation and the configuration assistant, and it also provides free help in the case when one has a bug or module malfunction, and yes the addition of new functionalities or the options specifically the adapted to one’s need. All those things are free for this module user. One can also contact for any kind of assistance to the The price and the facilities it comes with is very much amazing and it is worth it because of the facilities and yes the service it also gives to the people. 


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