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Becreative Theme

One of the advantages of implementing an ERP system is that it serves as a consolidated communication platform for all departments. It provides employees with a comprehensive overview of all customer communications, from the initial contract to the most recent. When a customer contacts the company to resolve a technical issue or purchase additional services, the employee serving that customer can quickly review the customer's previous communications with the company to see the customer's transaction history, preferences, and service history, among other things.

In computing, a theme is a visual pattern or collection of patterns that determine the look and feel of a graphic interface. Themes are used to almost every computer application that depends primarily on graphic components, such as a browser, software, or OS. The new storyline of BeCreative, equipped with such a response and luxury presentation, enables you to totally alter the Dolibarr style and color schemes, making it suited for all technologies in various sizes: PC desktop, laptop, cellphone, tablet, and all Dolibarr variants with the new feature horizontal menus direction. The latest option is available in vertical. The theme of creative technology blends art forms with technology and creates a unique and vibrant blending in the multimedia, entertainment, content, and production sectors.

Some characteristics of Becreative theme-

All the design layouts have four widgets which enable statistics on four components to be displayed: Module of third parties, project, trade, and invoice module.

In the leftmost column of the theme, the primary menu is shown.

Floating symbols and sub-menus for any and all devices may be found in the main interface.

Expert colors are carefully picked.

Technology makes it much simpler to get creative concepts and opinions closer together and to take these ideas farther. The combination of technology and imagination has led to innovation and new ways of expressing oneself. Creative industries are recognized by the Government as an important sector of growth. This sector is rapidly growing and is an expanding field for graduate jobs and research. Digital technology has constantly advanced and changed the nature of contact and communication. These developments present both difficulties and possibilities to be examined and understood. Research in this subject focuses on the practical and conceptual consequences for both the consumer and the designer of developing technology. The connectivity between actual and virtual places is emphasized and the potential of future technologies may be explored. This fast-growing field demands a more open than typical emphasis and a readiness to investigate new options that cannot be part of existing research methodology. The study carried out on this topic helps considerably to the continued development of many countries as a cluster of technological breakthroughs for the creative fields and innovations. It was also responsible for the development of several modules and curricula in the School of computer science and creative arts.

This theme was primarily designed to design and manage websites linked to mobile apps, showcases for mobile apps, websites for developers of mobile apps as well as other websites. The major subject is the development and maintenance of websites for mobile applications, smartphone app displays, websites for mobile app developers, and other relevant Websites in general.


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